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Analysis of noise problems in rubber vulcanizers

[Rubber Technology Network - Production Equipment]

In the daily operation of the rubber vulcanizer, there is often a problem of loud noise, which will have a certain impact on the normal work of the relevant staff, and will also affect the daily life of the surrounding residents, and the rubber vulcanizer is noisy. The problem is also a big problem that plagues many manufacturers. So how can we reduce the noise of the rubber vulcanizer? To create a good working and living environment for employees and surrounding residents? Here are some ways to summarize for you.

Noise is generally caused by noise sources. Therefore, we must first find the source of noise. This is the root of the problem. Then we can find out the problem of noise and make appropriate modifications to reduce the noise of the rubber vulcanizer. Improve the precision of machining and reduce the noise caused by mechanical vibration and friction, which is also an important point of noise reduction.

For the propagation of rubber vulcanizer noise, it can control the propagation path, block the noise, prevent the noise from spreading, and it is better to build the operation workshop in a place with less population density, so that you will not worry. It will affect the daily life of the residents, but this is not the fundamental way to solve the noise. Secondly, it is also possible to use the directivity of the source to stop the expansion of noise, and to direct the relevant exhaust port in the workshop to the sky, reducing the impact on the surrounding residents in the workshop.

In the normal operation of the rubber vulcanizer, the occurrence of noise is sometimes difficult to avoid, and there is no solution. In order to protect the operator, some measures must be taken to wear earplugs for the workers. Noise-proof appliances such as helmets are measures to protect operators. In addition, the time spent working in a workshop with excessive noise should not be too long. If the time is long, it is best to use the method of taking turns.

In the work of rubber vulcanizers, some noise will be generated more or less, but there seems to be no effective solution. However, I believe that under the continuous development and advancement of technology, the problem of large noise of the vulcanizer will certainly not be solved, which requires the efforts of the manufacturers in the industry.

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