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  • LINA Machinery Industrial Co.,Ltd

  •  [Guangdong,China]
  • Business Type:Manufacturer
  • Main Mark: Africa , Asia , Middle East , Oceania , Other Markets , Worldwide
  • Exporter:21% - 30%
  • Certs:ISO9001, CE
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LINA Machinery Industrial Co.,Ltd

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About Us

Guangdong LINA Industrial Co., Ltd. has more than 10 years of experience in R&D of rubber and plastic industry chain, and we are leading the industry in terms of technology, quality and service.For instant,Toyota, Nike and Bridgestone are our customers and cooperative partners. We are good at designing "turkey projects", including intellectualized system,energy-saving automation environmental protection and security, such as new production line of silicone rubber mixing and forming, high-low temperature/O2 isolation, vacuum, granulation or molding production line for new special materials, multi-functional kneader like auto-weighting,shifting and green powder injection,...

Categories and Products

Dispersion Kneader

Pressurized Kneader

0.5 Liter Dispersion Mixer For Lab Trials 2 Liters Flipping Type Dispersion Kneader 5 Liters Easy Cleaning Rubber Internal Kneader 10 Liters High Dispersion Effect Internal Mixer 20 Liters Rubber Mixing Dispersion Kneader 15 Liters Rubber Compounds Dispersion Kneaders 25 Liters Low Energy Consuming Internal Mixer 55 Liters Large Capacity Rubber Dispersion Mixer 110 Liters Dispersion for Factory Mass Production 75 Liters Large Size Internal Dispersion Kneader Plastic Dispersion Mixer for Plastic Rattan Rubber Plastic Dispersion Mixer for Yoga Mat Rubber Plastic Dispersion Mixer for New Materials Rubber Dispersion Mixer for Rubber Seals Rubber Plastic Dispersion Mixer for Rubber Rings Rubber Plastic Dispersion Mixer for Rubber O Rings Rubber Dispersion Mixer for Rubber Parts Rubber Plastic Dispersion Mixer for Aerospace Parts Rubber Plastic Dispersion Mixer for EPDM Rubber Dispersion Mixer for Car Clutch Pedal 

LAB TEST Kneader

15 Liters Precision Lab Test Dispersion Kneaders 1 Liter Lab Test Dispersion Kneader 2 Liters Precision Laboratory Test Dispersion Kneader 3 Liters Lab Test Precision Internal Mixer 5 Liters Experimental Accuracy Mixing Kneader 10 Liters Laboratory Trial Dispersion Kneader 0.1 Liter Laboratory Test Dispersion Kneader 0.2 Liters Precision Lab Test Internal Mixer 0.5 Liters Higher Precision Lab Test Kneader 1.5 Liters Laboratory Test Used Internal Mixer 

Disassemble Kneader

NBR Kneader Machine 110L 0.2 Liters Easy Cleaning Type Dispersion Kneader 0.3 Liters Separating Type Dispersion Kneader 0.5 Liters Precise Control Disassemble Kneader 1 Liter Precise Control Disassemble Kneader 2 Liters Precise Control Disassemble Kneader 3 Liters CIM/MIM Dispersion Kneader 5 Liters CIM/PIM Dispersion Kneader Disassemble Internal Mixer for Powder Metallurgy Disassemble Dispersion Kneader for Metal Ceramic 316 Metal Powder Dispersion Kneader Mixer Rubber Bubury Internal Kneader Mixer 

Mass Production Kneader

Mass Production Dispersion Kneader for Shoes Soles Large Capacity Dispersion Mixer for EVA Soles Flow Production Internal Mixer for TPR Mass Production Dispersion Kneader for Rubber Tire 75 Liters Mass Production Dispersion Kneader Higher Efficiency Dispersion Kneader for Factory Rubber Mixer Machine Compound Mixer for Mass Production 12L Rubber Kneaders Machine Production Mixing Machine 24 Inch 2 Roll Mixing Mill for Tire 

Dust Proof Kneader

25 Liters Environmental Friendly Dispersion Kneader 20 Liters Environmental Protection Dispersion Kneader 15 Liters Double Dust Proof Dispersion Kneader Double Dust Proof Plastic Dispersion Kneader 2 Liters High Filled Rubber Dispersion Kneader 1 Liter Rubber Dispersion Kneader with Powder Collection 3.8 Liters Dust Resistance Dispersion Kneader 5 Liters Dust Resistance Dispersion Kneader 6 Liters Double Dust Proof Rubber Dispersion Kneader Double Powder Proof Rubber Dispersion Kneader 0.5 Liters Dust Proof Dispersion Kneader 0.8 Liter Eco-Friendly Dispersion Kneader 1.5 Liters Plastic Powder Proof Dispersion Kneader 3 Liters Dust Resistance Dispersion Kneader New Open-close Type Banbury Mixer for Lab Test Lab Banbury Rubber Material Compounding Mixer Machine Test Type Blue Internal Mixer Kneader for Rubber 2L Blue Banbury Kneader Rubber Kneading Machine 

PIM Dispersion Kneader

0.1 Liter Kneader for Powder Injection Molding 0.2 Liter PIM Dispersion Kneader 0.3 Liters Dispersion Kneader for PIM/CIM 0.5 Liters MIM Dispersion Kneader 1 Liter Titanium Alloy Powder Kneader 3.8 Liters Small Mode Kneader for Ceramic Powders 12 Liters Precise Kneader for Powder Metallurgy 15 Liters Dispersion Kneader for Ceramic Powders 0.8 Liters Zirconia Powder Dispersion Kneader 2 Liters Ceramic Internal Mixer for Lab 3 Liters Lab Kneader for Ceramic Powders 5 Liters Small Mode Kneader for Ceramic Powders 6 Liters Kneader for Ceramics with PLC 10 Liters Precise MIM Dispersion Mixer MIM Powders 20 Liters Powder Proof Mixer 25 Liters Environmental Dispersion Kneader for Powders Industrial Suppliers Dust-proof Kneader 18L Mixer Machine 1.5 Liters Mental Powder Dispersion Mixer 

Air Isolated Kneader

1.8 Liters Sensitive Material Air Isolated Kneader 12 Liters Laboratory Air Isolated Dispersion Kneader 0.2 Liters No Oxygen Air Isolated Dispersion Kneader Air Isolated Dispersion Kneader for Sensitive Material 0.1 Liter Air Isolated Dispersion Kneader 0.3 Liters Laboratory Air Isolated Dispersion Kneader 0.8 Liters Air Isolated Internal Mixer 1 Liter Sensitive Material Air Isolated Kneader 1.5 Liters Air Isolated Internal Mixer 2 Liters Air Isolated Dispersion Kneader 2.5 Liters Sensitive Material Air Isolated Kneader 5 Liters Air Isolated Dispersion Kneader Rubber Plastic Air Isolated Dispersion Kneader 10 Liters Environmental Air Isolated Dispersion Kneader 10 Liters Sensitive Material Air Isolated Dispersion Mixer 12 Liters Air Isolated Dispersion Kneader 25 Liters Environmental Air Isolated Internal Mixer 20 Liters Air Isolated Internal Mixer 

Heating Type Dispersion Kneader

0.5 Liter Plastic Dispersion mixer for Laboratory Trials 3 Liters Oil Heating Rubber Banbury Mixer 20 Liters Automatic Temperature Control Dispersion Kneader 15 Liters Kneader with High Mixing Temperature 10 Liters Banbury Kneader with Heating System 0.1 Liter Small Capacity Heating Type Dispersion Kneader 0.2 Liter Small Size High Temperature Dispersion Kneader 25 Liters Heating Type Consuming Rubber Internal Mixer 35 Liters Good Sealed Heating Type Mixer 55 Liters Heating Type Rubber Dispersion Mixer 1.5 Liters Electric Heating PVC Internal Mixer 75 Liters Large Size Heating Type Dispersion Kneader 110 Liters Heating Type Dispersion Kneader for Factory 1 Liter Small Yield Production Dispersion Kneader 2 Liters Flipping type kneader with Electric Heating 5 Liters Heating System PE Dispersion Kneader 

Cooling Type Dispersion Kneader

0.2 Liter Rubber Compounds Cooling Type Dispersion Mixer 0.5 Liter Cooling Type Dispersion Kneader 2 Liters Flipping type Cooling Dispersion kneader 5 Liters Cooling System Rubber Kneader 3 Liters Rubber Banbury Mixer with Cooling System 10 Liters Banbury Kneader with Cooling System 15 Liters Rubber Polymer Banbury Kneader 20 Liters Cooling Type Temperature Control Kneader 55 Liters Cooling Type Water Cooling Banbury Mixer 75 Liters Large Size Cooling Internal Kneader 110 Liters Water Cooling Dispersion for Factory 1 Liter Rubber Kneader for Lab Test Trials 0.1 Liter Small Capacity Cooling Type Rubber Mixer 25 Banbury Kneader with Cooling System 35 Liters Higher Performance Cooling Type Dispersion Mixer 1.5 Liters Kneader with Precise Temperature Control 

Variable Speed Dispersion Kneader

Plastic Kneader with Frequency Converter 1 Liter Speed Can Change Dispersion Mixer Different Rotor Speed Rubber Kneader Energy Saving Rubber Kneader Banbury Variable Rotor Speed Lab Dispersion Kneader 3L Changeable Speed Rubber Kneader Changeable Speed Rubber Kneader for Lab Bnabury Mixer with Frequency Inverter Energy Saving Dispersion Mixing Machine 

Intermeshing Type Dispersion Kneader

2 Liters Dispersion Kneader for CIM/PIM 0.5 Liters Intermeshing Type Dispersion Kneader Lab Test Intermeshing Type Dispersion Kneader 5 Liters Shear Type Dispersion Kneader 20 Liters Intermeshing Type Rubber Kneader Machine 25 Liters Intermeshing Type Kneader for Rubber Plastic 55 Liters Higher Efficiecy Shear Type Kneader 110 Liters Efficiency Intermeshing Type Kneader 10 Liters Kneader Rubber Mixer with Different Rotors 35 Liters Intermeshing Type Kneader 75 Liters Intermeshing Rotor Kneader 3 Liters Shear Type Dispersion Kneader 15 Liters Mass Production Intermeshing Type Mixer 

Tangential Type Dispersion Kneader

0.5 Liters Tangential Type Banbury Kneader Higher Efficiency Tangential Type Dispersion Kneader 2 Liters Tangential Type Dispersion Kneader 3 Liters Tangential Type Dispersion Kneader 5 Liters Tangential Type Rubber Compound Kneader 25 Liters Tangential Rotor Banbury Mixer 55 Liters Tangential Type Kneader 10 Liters High efficiency Tangential Type Kneader 10 Liters Kneader Rubber Mixer with Tangential Rotors 35 Liters Tangential Type Kneader 75 Liters Tangential Type Rotor Rubber Kneader 15 Liters Mass Production Tangential Type Mixer 20 Liters Tangential Type Rubber Kneader Machine 

PLC Control Dispersion Kneader

Higher Efficiency PLC Control Internal Mixer 3 Liters PLC Control Dispersion Kneader 75 Liters Rubber Dispersion Kneader with PLC 2 Liters PLC Control Internal Mixer for Rubber 5 Liters Intelligent Control Rubber Kneader 15 Liters PLC Control Rubber Compound Mixing Kneader 20 Liters PLC System Dispersion Kneader 35 Liters PLC Farrel Banbury Mixer 110 Liters Efficiency Intelligent Control Kneader 10 Liters Rubber Dispersion Kneader with PLC System 25 Liters Banbury Mixer with PLC System 0.5 Liters Precision PLC Control Banbury Kneader 55 Liters Intelligent Control Rubber Kneader 

Two Roll Mill

Lab TEST Two Roll Mill

4 Inch Laboratory Two Roll Mill 6 Inch Lab Open Mill for Rubber 9 Inch LAB TEST Two Roll Mill Two Roll Mill with High Hardness Two Roll Mill with Chromium Treatment Anti Sticky Two Roll Mill for Rubber Two Roll Mill with Pneumatic Blocking Plate Two Roll Mill with Precise Roll Distance Two Roll Mill with PLC Device Two Roll Mill with Intelligent Control Ecology Friendly Two Roll Mill for Environment Two Roll Mill with Heating Function Two Roll Mill with high precision High Speed Two Roll Mill Moderate Speed Two Roll Mill High Safety Two Roll Mill Easy Cleaning Two Roll Mill Two Roll Mill with Inverter Two Roll Milling for Data Wire Cover Two Roll Mixing Mill for Food Grade Silicone 

Mass Production Two Roll Mill

12 Inch Open Mill for Factory Production 14 Inch Medium Production Open Mixing Mill 16 Inch Rubber Plastic Open Mixing Mill 18 Inch Two Roll Mixing Mill 22 Inch Two Roll Mixing Mill Open Mixing Mill with Harden Surface Gear Open Mixing Mill for Sheet And Film Open Mixing Mill with Auto Lubrication Open Mixing Mill with Stock Blender Open Mixing Mill with Auto Cutting Device Open Mixing Mill with Frequency Converter Production Open Mixing Mill with Water Cooling Customized Medium Production Open Mixing Mill Low Speed Medium Production Open Mixing Mill Low Maintenance Medium Production Open Mixing Mill Open Mixing Mill with Explosion protection Open Mixing Mill with Automatic Blender Open Mixing Mill for Sealing Strip Open Mixing Mill for Tyre Formula Testing Open Mixing Mill for Car Brake Pads 

Heating Type Two Roll Mill

Heating Type Milling Machine for Silicone High-Quality Heating Type Open Mixing Mill Heating Type Milling Machine with PLC Control 18 Inch Two Roll Mill with Heating Type 24 Inch Mass Production Mill With Heating Type Precise Distance Heating Type Two Roll Mixing Mill PVC Rolling Mill with Heating Function Rubber Test Mixing Machine 9 inch PP Plastic Mix Mill 12 Inch 

Cooling Type Two Roll Mill

Cooling Type Rubber Mixing Mill with Stock Blender 18 Inch Graphene Mixing Mill With Cooling Type MP Cooling Type Two Roll Opening Mixer 18 Inch Graphene Mill With Cooling Type Low Maintenance Cooling Type Milling Machine Automatically Flipping Cooling Rubber Mixing Mill Small Capacity Cooling Type Rubber Two Roll Mill Mass Production Cooling Type Mill with PLC Control Mass Production Cooling Type Banbury Mixing Mill 6 Inch Rubber Roll Mill with Water Cooling Small Two Roll Mill 6 inch 6 Inch Two Roll Mill for Plastics 6 Inch Cooling Type Rubber Open Mixing Mill Cooling Type Open Mixing Mill For Formula Testing Mass Production Cooling Type Rubber Mixing Mill 12 Inch Cooling Type Two Roll Open Mill 14 Inch Cooling Type Rubber Open Mill 16 Inch Water Cooling Rubber Two Roll Mill 16 Inch Cooling Type PLC Control Milling Machine MP Cooling Type Mill with PLC Control 

Variable Speed Two Roll Mill

Varaible Speed Two Roller Open Mill 16 Inch Rubber Roller Mill with Safety Button Varaible Speed Two Roll Mixing Mill Lab Varaible Speed Milling Machine 18 Inch Mixing Mill With Varaible Speed Mass Production Varaible Speed Two Roll Mill 6 Inch Varaible Speed Mill Mixing Process Rubber Varaible Speed Two Roll Mill Machine 

E-Stop Two Roll Mill

18 Inch Mill With Emergency Stop for Graphene Mass Production Mill With Emergency Stop Device Precise Emergency Stop Two Roll Mixing Mill Mass Production E-Stop Milling Machine Rubber Emergency Stop Two Roll Mill Machine Emergency Stop Rubber Mill with Stock Blender Emergency Stop Milling Machine with PLC Control 24 Inch Mass Production Emergency Stop Mixing Mill Higher Quality Emergency Stop Open Mill Machine 

PLC Control Two Roll Mill

24 Inch Rubber Two Roll Mixer with Heating Mass Production Intellient Control Two Roll Mixing Mill PLC Control Milling Machine for Sale Precise PLC Control Two Roll Mixing Mill 18 Inch PLC Control Mixing Mill PLC Control Two Roll Mill Mixing Process Rubber PLC Control Two Roll Mill Machine PLC Control Two Roller Open Mill Intellient Milling Machine with PLC Control 

Extrusion Pelletizer

Under Water Extrusion Pelletizer

TPE Plastic Under Water Extrusion Pelletizer Underwater Extrusion Pelletizer for High Viscosity Materials Under Water Extrusion Granulator for TPR Underwater Extrusion Pelletizer for EVA production Underwater Extrusion Granulator for Soles Shoes Underwater Granulation Line for TPU Plastic Underwater Extrusion Pelletizer for Rubber Car Parts 

Hot Cutting Extrusion Pelletizer

Hot Cutting Extrusion Pelletizer for Rubber Parts Dual Taper Extrusion Granulator for EPDM Single Screw Extrusion Granulator for EVA Single Screw Extrusion Granulator for PVC Cables Single Screw Extrusion Granulator for Rubber Cables Single Screw Extrusion Pelletizer for PVC Outsoles Single Screw Forced Feeding Pelletizer for NBR 

Water Strand Extrusion Pelletizer

Water Strand Granulation Line for Recycled Plastic Wasted Plastic Extrusion Granulation Line Water Pull Line Granulator for Recycled Bottles ABS Twin Screw Water Straping Granulation Line Recycled Plastic Flakes Pelletizing Line Water Strand Recycled Plastic Flakes Pelletizing Line Noodle Pull Line Pelletizer for PP PE PET 

Water Ring Extrusion Pelletizer

Water Ring Pelletizing Line for Laboratory Water Ring Pelletizing Line for Rubber Water Ring Pelletizing Line for Production Mass Production Water Ring Pelletizing Line Mass Production Water Ring Granulation Line Customized Single Screw Water Ring Pelletizing Line Customized Double Screw Water Ring Pelletizing Line Intelligent Controlling Water Ring Pelletizing Line Large Capacity Water Ring Pelletizing Line Water Ring Pelletizing Line for Plastic 

Multi-functional Series

Pelletizing-cooling Integrated

Rubber Granulator with Cooling System PP PE Automatic Granulation Line Automatic Granulator for Lab Test EPDM Rubber Automatic Extrusion Granulator PVC Plastic Automatic Extrusion Pelletizer Rubber Particles Making and Cooling Machine 

Kneading-pelleting Integrated

Automatic Granulator for Rubber Compounds Rubber Pelletizing Line for R&D Department Automatic Plastic Granulator for PE Materials Plastic Banbury Mixer for PP Pellets Rubber Dispersion Kneader for EVA Particles Plastic Dispersion Mixer for PVC Particles Automatic Rubber Pelletizer for EPDM Kneading and Pelletizing Line for PM Kneading and Pelletizing Line for FPM Kneading and Pelletizing Line for sole shoes Mass Production Plastic Pellet Machine 

Kneading-preforming Integrated

Rubber Kneading Preforming for sole shoes Preforming Integrated Mixing Extrusion Machine Kneading Preforming Extrusion Production Line Higher Accuracy Multifunctional Preforming Pelletizer Lines 1 L Higher Efficiency Kneading and Extrusion Machines Kneading and Preforming Extrusion Granulation Mixing and Preforming Machines for Car Parts Mixing and Preforming Machines for Wire and Cable Mixing and Preforming Machines for Ceramic Powder Mass Production Metal Powder Preforming Pelletizer Lines 

Rubber & Plastic Product Production Line

Air Conditioning Insulation Pipes Production Line

Insulation Rubber NBR Pipe Production Line 

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